Food Service

Lunch Menu

Food in Focus – leaflet for parents regarding food regulations and allergens.

Individual dishes and menus are designed to meet the Scottish Government nutritional and dietary requirements. The school abides by all relevant legislation regarding food preparation, labelling and handling. 

The refectory in the north campus offers both hot and cold meals; pupils can also eat packed lunches in this location.  A more limited catering service is offered at interval and lunchtime in the south campus atrium for secondary pupils only. 

Your ParentPay account shows you all items purchased using your child’s refectory cash/lunch card. 

Tasting events for Primary 1 parents are usually held annually in September and parents are invited to experience the food selections offered and engage with school staff as their child enters the school.  S1 parents receive information at the Induction Meeting in June and the annual S1 Parents’ Coffee Morning in September.

Pupils with Allergies or Food Intolerances 
Please contact the school office or speak to your child’s Primary class teacher or Secondary Tutor.

Lunch Menu 
The school operates a 4 week lunch menu cycle.  Details for P4 to S6 are provided here.

P1 to P3 currently receive free school lunches. Details are provided separately to parents and a P1 Tasting Evening is hosted by the school at the start of each school session. The school provides a more limited choice of food and drinks to P1 to P3 children.  Details of the P1 – P3 menus are provided here.

Event Days 
The school team encourage pupils to engage in fun menu days and refectory events throughout the course of the school session. These events are very popular and offer the children some exciting menus.