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Mr Langford – Clarinet and Sax

Timetable w/b 28th September

Sept 28th

  • If you are not an SQA pupil, week 1 is your online lesson and week 2 is face to face.  For online lessons, log in on Mr Langford’s computer, go to Teams and make a video call to Mr Langford.
  • SQA pupils have a video lesson from home where it says “Teams.”
  • If you have a specific time slot allocated, this means that it is a fixed time each week.  If there is no time slot allocated, this means that your lesson time will rotate throughout the day from week to week.
    Week 1 Week 2
    Aidan Thursday Thursday
    Amber Wednesday 11:55 – Teams Monday 9:30
    Andrés Friday 11:55 – Teams Thursday 9:30
    Angus Friday 9am – Teams Friday
    Anna Thursday Thursday
    Archie Monday 1:30 Monday 1:30
    Cal Thursday Thursday
    Callum Thursday 4:30 – Teams Friday
    Daka Monday Wednesday 3pm – Teams
    Dougie Thursday Thursday
    Ellen Thursday Thursday
    Emily Tuesday Tuesday
    Erin Tuesday Tuesday
    Euan Thursday Thursday
    Evie Monday Wednesday 1pm – Teams
    Faith Tuesday Tuesday
    Finn Wednesday 11:30 Wednesday 11:30
    Gregor Tuesday 4:30 – Teams Friday
    Heather Thursday Thursday
    Iain Monday Monday 9am – Teams
    Isla Tuesday Tuesday
    Jason Monday Wednesday 9am – Teams
    Katie Tuesday Tuesday
    Louisa Tuesday Tuesday
    Matthew Tuesday 9:30 – Teams Tuesday 9:30
    Mia Tuesday – Teams Tuesday
    Michael Thursday 4pm – Teams Friday
    Owen Thursday Thursday
    Rosa Wednesday 4:30 – Teams Friday
    Ruairidh Thursday Thursday
    Sarah Tuesday Tuesday
    Sean Tuesday 4pm – Teams Friday
    Sophie Tuesday Tuesday
    Stewart Monday Tuesday 9am – Teams
    Tara-Jane Thursday 1:30 Thursday 1:30
    Toby Wednesday 4pm – Teams Friday
    Tony Monday Wednesday 3:30 – Teams

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