SQA Results 2017

The SQA examination results will be published on Tuesday 8th August.


School Leavers

If you have left school and need to contact the school regarding next steps please email postresults@jordanhill.glasgow.sch.uk


Pupils starting S5 and S6

If you wish to request a course choice change or you have not attained the entry grade for one of your preferred courses, then you must come and discuss your options before the new term begins.

Please come in and meet with your Head of House / Year Head at the S5/6 Interviews between 1.00-3.00pm on Thursday 10th August.


In advance of the S5/6 Interviews, the school will have analysed the results to get a clear idea of individual needs and demand for subjects.


SQA Advice page      Skills Development Scotland Helpline


Post-results Service

Information about the post-results service was issued during last session and you can find the details on our National Qualifications page. Decisions about eligibility for the post-results service will be taken after the term has started.


Session 2017-18

As previously published, pupils return to school on Wednesday 16th August. All S2-S6 pupils should go to their form tutor / registration classes at 08.58 am on the first day. There will be notices posted around the school on Thursday morning directing pupils to the correct room.