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Appeals 2020

Following the statement made by the Depute First Minister on Tuesday 11th August, it is no longer necessary for candidates to submit appeal requests.

Candidates will now be awarded Grades based on the estimates submitted to SQA by the school and shared with them

The existing result will stand for any candidate whose Grade was better than that estimated as a consequence of the SQA moderation procedure. That is, no candidate will be disadvantaged.

All pupils entering S5 and S6 were e-mailed details of their estimates and results on Tuesday 4 August. The same information was posted on Wednesday 5 August to all candidates who left school at the end of session.

Higher and Further Education institutions will be advised of amended grades in the next few days. Funding is being made available for additional places in HE and FE to deal with the fact that more candidates than normal will meet their entry requirements.

SQA will issue new certificates as soon as possible.