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Jaguar 4×4

Congratulations to our team on being recognised as the best new team and winning the Scottish Region award in the Entry Class in the Jaguar/Landrover 4×4 Challenge.

This was the first time the school had entered a team and they won 5 awards in total

  • Best new team, regional winners for Scotland at entry class
  • Folio presentation – on a par with professional class players in S5/6
  • Innovative design, – one judge commented that it was the best looking solution he had ever seen.
  • Best ‘pit display’ at entry class again comparing favourably with Development and Professional Class teams
  • One of the very few teams whose car actually stayed wholly intact over the course of the event.

The team also received an invitation to attend the National finals in Coventry as observers in March and will progress to the Development Class next session.

Team Prestige is the first team Jordanhill School has entered into the Landrover/Jaguar 4×4 Competition. The team was formed in early December 2017 and we have worked hard to identify our strengths, work together and learn a whole range of new skills in what has been a tough design challenge. Team members:

  • Sarah Ross
  • Carrick Gibb
  • Riona McClure
  • Lily Beveridge
  • Christy McDermott
  • Josh Sumpter