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New Timetable 3 June

The new timetable for all secondary pupils begins on Monday 3 June.

Remember, all pupils have moved up one year. S1 pupils are now S2, etc.

All pupils should report to the following rooms at 9.00am on Monday 3 June where timetables will be issued

New S2

New S3

New S4

New S5

New S6

2Cr – F3

3Cr – P15

4Cr – C2

5Cr – P2

6Cr – C7

2Mo – F1

3Mo – S2

4Mo – C3

5Mo – B9

6Mo – P7

2Sm – G5

3Sm – C1

4Sm – G3

5Sm – G1

6Sm – C4

2StJ – P6

3StJ – S1

4StJ – P10

5StJ – B8

6StJ – F5