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P5 Outdoor Education 2018

Primary 5 Outdoor Education 2018 has begun!

Thankfully British weather forecasting proved as unreliable as ever and we headed out into dry and clement conditions! 

Today I was sailing at Bardowie Loch where I enjoyed my first day of Outdoor Education. I had an exhilarating time, with and without the sail on our boat. I can’t wait to do the same next week. 

Charlie S   P5A

Today was fantastic! We went to Mugdock Country Park and my Dad came along too. He made it a whole lot more interesting! Without him we wouldn’t have any photos (he loves taking photos.) My Dad is very generous so he took me for a treat afterwards.

Ruairidh K P5B

Fun at Bardowie during the second week of Outdoor Ed!

Where does this bit go again?

A skill I developed today was being able to catch plenty of different creatures in the pond with the help of our park ranger Alan. 

Sylvie  R P5B

Today we were at Mugdock Park learning how to pace and getting to different orienteering posts. Mr Sweeny was also asking us riddles again. We were going from one place to the other searching for the post and pacing very carefully which can be quite difficult but really fun. We took a few wrong turns but but then we were back on our feet.

Ella M P5B

Discovering life at Mugdock.

The Mugdock Ranger shares his knowledge of pond life with our pupils (and Miss Kelly).

My favourite moment this week was when we went on the rib because I felt like a speeding bullet racing along the surface of the water.

Tommy M P5A

What a team!

We’re so good we don’t even need paddles…

My favourite moment was when I came third in the race because it was exciting, exhilarating and thrilling. 

Carys M P5A 

I learnt tons of skills today but a few of my favourite ones are how to tack, which is when do a  quarter turn in your  boat and also how to put on a rudder. 

Cal J P5A

Brrrrrrrrrrr! Who turned off the heating?

Today was our last day at Bardowie Loch. I was sailing again and it was even more exiting and fun because I didn’t get my feet wet  

Owen R p5A

Today was so fun because it was our last week. We got to jump in to the Loch. At first it was cold but you got used to it. I opened my eyes under water and it was green but it did not hurt my eyes. Today was amazing.

Grace M P5A

Today we were all over the water in a leaky sailboat. The water that splashed in was as thick as my desk. Then we went on a sailboat that had clogged up the hole and right at the end I was being pushed by the sail and CRASH! SPLASH! I fell in, I was soaked, head to toe and all I could think was HECK!                                                                                                                                                                                                   Andrew M P5B

I went to Bardowie Loch this week, it was awesome! I got to paddle a canoe with my two best friends Rory K and Joe.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Cal R P5B