Status and History of Jordanhill School

Founded in 1920, the school was run by Jordanhill College of Education as its demonstration school until 1988, and was known as Jordanhill College School until that date.

The school has a unique status. From 1988 it has been funded by a direct grant from the Scottish Government, and is neither a local authority school, nor is it a private or independent school. No fees are paid, and there is no academic selection of pupils.

It is an all-through Primary and Secondary comprehensive, community school serving the local area of Jordanhill, and parts of Broomhill and Scotstoun. The school roll is 462 Primary and 580 Secondary pupils.


The School Coat of Arms

In 1939 the School adopted the House System, selecting for the four Houses the names of St John, Crawfurd, Smith and Montgomerie - all of them important in the local history of Jordanhill.

The challenge of creating an appropriate coat of arms was taken on by Mr Whitelaw, former Principal Teacher of Art, whose design embodies the Maltese Cross of St John and a charge from each of the coats of arms of the families Crawfurd, Smith and Montgomerie. Mr Whitelaw's final design  received the approval of the Lord Lyon King at Arms.


You can read a short history of the school from 1920-1995 here.

Thank you to Iain Mann (FP) for his permission to reproduce this document.