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Extra Curricular Sport

​After school sport resumes next week and all the times are on the Sports Blog. Pupils will not be allowed to attend if parents have not returned your online consent form. Changing rooms will be closed so bags should be left at home or outside the refectory. Do not bring valuables to the session.

Extra curricular SecondaryTimetable 

Interhouse Cross Country

This event will run at the following times and will count towards selection for the Cross Country Teams.

All pupils report to PE wearing appropriate clothing at the times below and bring a change of shoes as it may be muddy!

S3 – Monday 14th periods 1 & 2

S1 – Monday 14th periods 3 & 4

P5 – Wednesday period 2

S4-6 – Wednesday period 5

P6 – Thursday periods 5 & 6

P7 – Friday periods 5  & 6

S2 – Friday 18th periods 3 & 4


Beep Test

Congratulations to Jack MacKinnon (S6 ST) who has just set a new school record of 15.1 in the 20m beep test. Well done!

PE 2020/21

Welcome back for a new session! Please read the initial arrangements for PE this term following advice from Education Scotland.

PE arrangements

Pupil Achievements

Well done to all the Primary & Secondary pupils with their sporting achievements representing the school and their own clubs.

Please let us know at

Term 2 Term 1