Jordanhill is neither a local authority nor an independent school and has its own unique Admissions Regulations.

The main entry points are Primary 1 (66 places) and Secondary 1 (a further 33 places). The offer of these places and any occasional vacancies which may arise from P1 to S2 are governed strictly by the Admissions Regulations.

In general terms, priority for admission is given to children who reside ‘locally’. The school has 3 waiting lists. In order of priority these are:

  • List 1 Applicants living in a designated ‘local’ address
  • List 2 Applicants living in a supplementary ‘local’ address
  • List 3 Applicants living in any other address

Within each list priority is given to applicants with siblings in the school and pupils are ranked strictly by the official date of receipt of their application. For the purposes of determining the annual offer of places for entry to P1 and S1 in the subsequent August, the place on the waiting list of each child is determined by the application of the Regulations as of 30th September in the preceding year.

Please contact the Depute Bursar for further information.

Admission to S3/S4
Vacancies which arise in S3 and S4 are offered only to ‘local’ children resident in List 1 or List 2. The offer of places is otherwise governed by the Admissions Regulations.

Admission to S5/S6
Entry to S5 or S6 is governed by a separate admissions process. Further information is available here.

Admissions Map
The map below shows List 1 addresses (blue), List 2 (green) and public and commercial buildings (red). The status of buildings shown as white dots is unknown and will be recorded as List 3 if domestic dwellings. The official list of residences as published in the Admissions Regulations takes precedence at all times.