Attendance and Absence

Pupil attendance is recorded on a period-by-period basis each day. It is important that parents follow the procedures set out below. The school will accept communication by 

The same requirements apply to all three methods. Please include you child’s name, class and the name of the class teacher (Primary), tutor (S1-S5) or S6 registrar. 

The school has a legal duty to maintain an accurate record of attendance. In the event of an unexplained absence arising for part or all of a day, then the office staff will contact a parent to confirm that they are aware of the situation and to seek the information needed for our records.

The submission of false information by or on behalf of a pupil will lead to severe disciplinary sanctions.

Unplanned Absence (e.g. ill-health) 
By 9.30am on the day of the absence please communicate the reason for absence and the expected date of return. If the absence lasts longer than expected, then please contact us again on the day your child was due to return to update the information. 

Planned Absence (e.g. medical and dental appointments)
In advance of the absence communicate the reason and duration. If the absence is for part of a day, then please specify times of departure and return. 

Primary pupils going out of school must be collected from and returned to the Reception Office. 

Secondary pupils must report to the Main Office prior to leaving the school and immediately upon their return. 

No pupil may leave the school during the day without permission. 
Any pupil who feels unwell must speak to a member of staff who will take appropriate action. 


Vacations During Term Time 

The school cannot authorise absences for vacation purposes. The Scottish Government has decreed that all such absences must be recorded as unauthorised absences. The only exception to this would be on compassionate grounds. 

Parents are strongly advised not to remove their children for holidays during the session.