Board of Managers

The Board consists of 7 parent members elected by the wider parent body, 3 staff members elected by the staff and up to 4 co-opted members. It operates within the terms of the Memorandum and Articles of Association and all relevant legislation and guidance as to the operation of public bodies. 

Our School Improvement page provides insight into the work of the Board in monitoring and delivering the School Improvement Plan along with a wealth of wider information.

Budget in a Nutshell – statement on budget for 2018-19 issued 28 March 2018

Conference and Annual General Meeting

Parent Members 

  • Mr Ken Alexander – Convenor
  • Mrs Julie Carrie
  • Ms Susan Jeffrey
  • Mr Neil Francis
  • Mr Kenny MacRae
  • Mr Joseph McKenna
  • Professor Kevin O’Dell 

Staff Members 

  • Mr Gerard Sludden
  • Dr Helen Kelly 
  • Mr Alister Cameron 

Professional Advisor 

  • Mr Graham Short 

Ex Officio Members 

  • Dr Paul Thomson, Rector 
  • Mrs Christine Robertson, Depute Rector 
  • Mr Richard Buchan, Head of Primary
  • Ms Wendy Grant, Bursar and Company Secretary

Co-opted Member 

  • Mr Anthony Daye