Bonnyman Scholarships

The Linda and Gordon Bonnyman Scholarships were established in 2009 to support former pupils of Jordanhill School who are seeking to undertake a programme of post-graduate study at one of the elite universities in the United States. From 2017 the scholarships have been managed and awarded by the Jordanhill School Educational Amenities Trust Fund.

You can apply online here.

Please read the Guidance Notes carefully before applying.

Scholarships Awarded

  • 2018-19 Andrew Sweeney, Northwestern
  • 2018-19 Rebecca McGilveray, Columbia
  • 2017-19  Katherine Pringle, Duke
  • 2016-17  Jonathan Capstaff, Duke
  • 2016-17  Oliver McInnes, UCLA
  • 2015-16  Fraser Grier, NYU
  • 2015-16  Heather Galbraith, Columbia
  • 2014-15  Tony Herron, UCLA
  • 2013-14  Ruth Kinane, NYU
  • 2013        Jonathan Mak, MIT
  • 2012-13  Lauren Boag, UPenn
  • 2010-11  Yassine Belkacime, Columbia