Educational Amenities Trust

The Jordanhill School Educational Amenities Trust Fund (SC005743) is a separate charity from Jordanhill School. Its objects are

  • To promote, further or support all or any activities of Jordanhill School, being an organisation recognised as having charitable purposes engaged in the advancement of education.
  • To assist the work and strategic objectives of Jordanhill School engaged in the advancement of education and provision of educational amenities of all kinds including, but not limited to

    – Supporting any of the operational activities of the school
    – Supporting the School’s capital projects
    – The acquisition and management of facilities for the benefit of Jordanhill School including community users who may access its facilities
    – Administering funds and donations given to the Trust for whatever purposes including the disbursement of grants and bursaries to current and former pupils of the school

Specifically, the Trust makes a large number of grants to support sports, music and a wide range of co-curricular activities throughout Primary and Secondary.

The Trust also acts as a “school fund” for the effective management of funds held for the purposes of school trips and other activities separate from those funded by the School’s grant allocation from the Scottish Government.

The Trust does not fund any of the core educational functions of the School. That is, it will not provide funding beyond or as a substitute for the Annual Recurrent Grant provided to the School by the Scottish Government.

The Trust manages some restricted funds for the award of scholarships and grants to former and current pupils.