LDW Scott Grant

Laurance David Wellwood Scott Grants

Former pupils of Jordanhill School who are undertaking a first qualification in medicine are invited to apply for a grant of £500.

To apply please download the Application Form, complete sections 1 and 2 and arrange for your institution to endorse your application by completing section 3.

You should return your application form to

The Administrator
Jordanhill School Educational Amenities Trust Fund
45 Chamberlain Road
Glasgow G13 1SP

E-mail: info@jordanhill.glasgow.sch.uk    Insert LDW Scott Grant in subject line.


To be eligible you must have completed a minimum of 4 years of secondary education at Jordanhill School including S5.

  • You will successfully have completed at least the first 2 years of medical training. You may apply at any time during your third or subsequent years.
  • Grants are not available to students who have already completed their first medical degree.
  • Grants are not available for ‘pre-med’ programmes or degrees. The intention is that you have entered the clinical phase of medical training and have shown a commitment to medical study.
  • You can receive only one such grant during your period of study.

The Trustees of the Educational Amenities Trust will have the final decision as to the eligibility of any applicant. All such decisions are final.

Grant Recipients

Each year a new tranche of Jordanhill pupils apply to enter medicine. They benefit greatly from the opportunity to

  • Hear previous applicants talk about the selection process and the realities of medical training
  • Participate in mock interviews
  • Participate in medically related work experience

The Trustees hope that recipients of the LDW Scott grants will volunteer their services to support the next generation of medical students at appropriate points in their training or careers.


The Laurance David Wellwood Scott Trust was founded in 1992 to commemorate the late Dr Laurance David Wellwood Scott, J.P., M.D., F.R.C.P. who was a distinguished General Physician in the Southern General Hospital, Glasgow, Scotland (1952-1972) and to reflect his considerable interest in the training of young physicians working in Scotland.

In 2012 the Trustees wound up the Trust and transferred its assets to the Jordanhill School Educational Amenities Trust Fund for the express purposes of supporting former pupils of Jordanhill School in the completion of their medical training.

The criteria for eligibility and the award of grants were agreed by both Trusts.

The grant level of £500 has been set in the expectation that such grants will be offered for a period of around 20 years.