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We have a very colourful, relaxed and comfortable area in the library specially for the primary pupils. Comfy chairs, cushions, many characters from books – in cuddly toy version- 

 are all very conducive to settling down with a book. All primary classes visit the library once a week including the P1s who are able to come after the October week holiday. The primary library periods 2015-16 is available for your information. 
Generally the pupils from infants will pick which book they’d like read to them invariably Dirty Bertie (about a boy who picks his nose!) 
Although P1 & 2 are a little bit young to have the responsibility of taking a book home they are allowed to borrow books to take down to the classroom to look at when they have free time. 
Pupils from P3 – P5 are allowed one book home, P6 & 7 are allowed between 2 – 4. There are some very keen readers in the upper primary so quite often 4 is the norm.The books are issued to your son/daughter for a two week period. Sometimes the books come back on time, sometimes they don’t! If, horror of horrors, the book doesn’t come back on time then we will send a letter home and usually the book is back the next day. On the other hand, sometimes the book doesn’t reappear and that’s when we send a letter asking for a suitable replacement book or the replacement value of the book. 
We maintain the library to include the most up-to date titles in fiction where possible and also carry an extensive selection of non- fiction material to support all classes in their topic work. 
We have lunchtime opening on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for P6 & 7s from 12.15 -12.50.This is very popular with the pupils and because of that it operates on a ‘first come, first served ‘ basis due to high numbers. 



Secondary pupils have access to a wide variety of resources to support both their curricular studies and general interests. We will update this section with information about new fiction, reading lists and booklists for individual subject coursework. 

See the Reading Zone and Curriculum Support menus for more details. 

Pupils are welcome to suggest new resources – please use the suggestions/comments book available at the issue desk.