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Bands & Orchestras August 2021

Bands and Orchestras will resume on Monday 6th September unless otherwise notified.

Personnel lists for bands and orchestras are now available to view here.  Rehearsal times and venues can be viewed here.  There will be no Primary Band this year as we have not been able to recruit new wind and brass players over the past couple of years.  Players who would have been in this ensemble will be invited to attend the Junior Band instead.

Attending bands / orchestras is an essential part of your musical development and all pupils must attend.  Failure to do so may result in lessons being withdrawn.  If you have any clashes, please speak to Mrs Gilmour or Mr Langford.

Bands only – For the time being, there will be no full rehearsals.  We will start with sectional rehearsals to reduce the number of people blowing down instruments at any one time.  Information about who is required when will appear on your band Teams page (secondary groups only.)  Kick Start Band members should all attend for the first week on Tuesday 7th September.  Instruments will not be required at this rehearsal.

The Music Department are really excited about getting groups back up and running again and I hope that pupils are equally as excited – this has been a long time coming!

Music lessons August 2021

Welcome back everyone!  Timetables will be available here very shortly.  I’ll also post them on Teams.  Changes to venues are as follows:

Ms Spears will teach in the Assembly Hall.

Mr Leonard, Mr Cowling, Mrs Douglas, Mrs Dickie and Mr Archibald will teach in the Seminar Room (C10).

Extra Curricular Ensembles

Welcome back everyone! It is hoped that extra curricular ensembles will return w/b 6th September.  Here is a reminder of the times and venues for bands and orchestras.  Bands will most likely meet section at a time ie. trumpets one week, flutes another week.  Smaller ensembles will be arranged with pupils directly.  Please remember to sanitise your hands before entering a rehearsal.  Thank you.


The gazebos are in the outdoor courtyard near to the Learning Zone.

Gazebo 1


Gazebo 2


Monday Ms Spears Mr Leonard
Tuesday Mr Cowling Mr Langford
Wednesday Ms Spears Mr Langford
Thursday Mrs Dickie Mr Langford
Friday Mr Archibald Ms Earnshaw

Music Instruction Update April 2021

Dear Parent/Carer,

I hope you have all had a restful holiday.  Music Instructors are looking forward to seeing pupils face to face this term.  I hope pupils are equally as excited!  Please read the following information regarding music lessons from next week:

Strings / Guitar / Percussion / Drum Kit

Lessons for the above instruments will take place in school.  Timetables will be posted on pupils’ Teams pages.

Woodwind / Brass / Voice

Lessons for these instruments will take place in school.  Pupils is S4, S5 & S6 taking NQ Music at National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher level will receive their lessons in the Seminar Room (Room C10).  All other pupils will receive their lessons in the gazebos, which are situated in the outdoor courtyard near to the Learning Zone.  For the first week, pupils should wait outside the Learning Zone where their instructor will meet them.  In the event of bad weather, lessons will take place indoors in a practice room.  Timetabling for these lessons has been extremely challenging so please bear with me if there are any teething problems.   Timetables will be posted on pupils’ Teams pages.

Face coverings should be worn by pupils at all times, apart from when singing or when blowing down instruments.  Pupils should continue to observe 2 metre distancing from instructors.

I hope that things run smoothly in the coming weeks and that the sun continues to shine!

Best wishes,

Andrew Langford

Principal Music Instructor

Music Instruction Update January 2021

Happy New Year!

All Music Instruction lessons will be being delivered online via Teams for the time being.  Lessons begin next week so pupils should log into Teams as soon as possible to arrange suitable times with their instructor.  Some instructors will communicate with pupils directly via the chat facility, others will direct pupils to a sign up page in their OneNote class notebook.  Children of key workers will be offered times when they are not in school in order to reduce foot fall around the school and increase pupil safety.  As before, there will need to be a certain degree of flexibility in order to accommodate each instructor’s own home circumstances.  Thank you for your understanding with this, once again.

Best wishes,

Andrew Langford

Principal Music Instructor

Music Instruction Update December 2020

Information for parents and pupils regarding lessons from January 2021:

  • Existing pupils will all receive lessons online from Monday 11th January.
  • Wind / brass / voice pupils will continue with their current pattern of individual virtual lessons via MS Teams.
  • Strings and percussion pupils will revert back to the model used from April to June where instructors and pupils arranged weekly MS Teams lessons at a mutually agreeable time.  Pupils up to and including S2 will receive 15 minute lessons and pupils in S3 and above will receive 30 minute lessons.  This will require all pupils to familiarise themselves with MS Teams and parents should encourage pupils to log in to MS Teams at the start of term to engage with their instructor for the purposes of arranging lessons.
  • Pupils whose parents/carers are key workers will have remote lessons from a practice room in school where possible.  We will try our utmost to accommodate those pupils who are either in school full time or who are in school on the day their instructor works for Jordanhill School.  Mr Langford will be in touch with parents at the start of term regarding this.
  • There are approximately 30 pupils from P5 – S1 who are currently being offered places for strings and percussion lessons in term 2.  These lessons will not commence until instructors are back in school.

I hope that you all have a restful and relaxing holiday and that you are able to enjoy some live music making in your own homes.

Best wishes,

Andrew Langford

Principal Music Instructor

Guidance for existing pupils – August 2020

Welcome back!  I hope that your first full week back at school has been an enjoyable one.  Music lessons start back next week (Monday 24th August) and timetables will be available on the relevant blog page by the weekend.  There are just a couple of important points which I’d like you all to remember to help things run smoothly:

  • Bring any music you have to your lesson, even if you won’t be playing your instrument.
  • Please adhere to all social distancing rules and remember to use the wipes provided to clean shared objects (eg. music stands) after you have used finished using them.  This applies to those pupils who will be logging on to laptops for a video lesson.  Please wipe down the laptop keys after use.
  • In smaller practice rooms there will be tape on the floor.  You must not cross this tape.  Please don’t be offended if your instructor has reason to remind you of this.  Rules are in place for everyone’s safety.

I hope that you all have a great first lesson back and are as excited to see your Instructor as they are to see you!

Mr Langford