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Guidance for existing pupils – August 2020

Welcome back!  I hope that your first full week back at school has been an enjoyable one.  Music lessons start back next week (Monday 24th August) and timetables will be available on the relevant blog page by the weekend.  There are just a couple of important points which I’d like you all to remember to help things run smoothly:

  • Bring any music you have to your lesson, even if you won’t be playing your instrument.
  • Please adhere to all social distancing rules and remember to use the wipes provided to clean shared objects (eg. music stands) after you have used finished using them.  This applies to those pupils who will be logging on to laptops for a video lesson.  Please wipe down the laptop keys after use.
  • In smaller practice rooms there will be tape on the floor.  You must not cross this tape.  Please don’t be offended if your instructor has reason to remind you of this.  Rules are in place for everyone’s safety.

I hope that you all have a great first lesson back and are as excited to see your Instructor as they are to see you!

Mr Langford