National Qualifications

Jordanhill Guidance for Pupils and Parents

Changes to NQs commenced in 2017-18 for National 5 with Higher following in 2018-19 and Advanced Higher in 2019-20. Parents receive a briefing on the NQ regime at the start of S4.  All pupils now experience the new regime. National Qualifications in S4 This leaflet explains National 4 and National 5 qualifications and the regime in Jordanhill School. National Qualifications in S5 and S6 Information leaflet for pupils in S5 and S6. Policy on Unit Assessment and Internal Appeals Explains how to appeal the outcome of an assessment for any free-standing Units and valid grounds for any appeal. Policy on Post Results Requests Only a school can submit a request to SQA. The policy sets out the criteria used by the school to determine eligibility.

Scottish Qualifications Authority

A wide range of information about the changes is available on the SQA web site: