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Strava Challenge

Congratulations to all secondary pupils, families and staff who took part in the Interhouse Strava challenge, 2021.

We started this challenge on Monday 1st February with the plan of  getting to the Eiffel Tower.  With over 500 members taking part we made it back to Glasgow on the 1st April, two months after the race started. Each team covered 18, 276 miles all the way around the world with each house winning at least one stage during the race.

Stage 1 – Glasgow-Paris

Stage 2 – Paris-Moscow

Stage 3 – Moscow-Tokyo

Stage 4 – Tokyo-L.A.

Stage 5 – L.A.-New York

Stage 6 – New York-Glasgow

The distances  you covered were amazing, whether it was a 30 mile bike ride, walking a marathon, setting a running PB or getting out to exercise regularly. Even Mark Beaumont who holds the world record for cycling around the world in the shortest time ( covering 240 miles on average in 79 days) took notice of your incredible efforts and sent us a video. Congratulations from Mark Beaumont

Well done to everyone on your efforts. We are all looking forward to seeing you back participating in PE and sport at school!