O365 Password Reset Request

Pupil Password Reset Request (O365)
This form should only be used when pupils are self-isolating or working from home. If pupils are attending school as normal, requests should be made via class teachers or tutors. Please use this form to request password resets for pupil access to O365. We can only service these requests via email or SMS text message and as such, we will only send new passwords to email addresses and mobile phones which are currently registered with Jordanhill School. Please note that as these requests are currently being serviced manually (and remotely) there will likely be a delay as information is checked before a password can be issued.
Please supply an email address which is currently known to the school. New passwords will only be sent to addresses or phone numbers currently stored by the school.
We can reset the password by SMS text, but this phone number must be currently registered with the school as a contact number.