Oxford and Cambridge

You can apply to only one of the two universities. Both of their web sites have a wealth of information about the application process including guidance on interviews.

You can apply to a specific college or make an open application. It will make no difference to how your application is treated. We do encourage you to research individual colleges thoroughly (web sites) as this will provide you with a better insight into how the university as a whole works and if this is the right environment for you. If possible, you should attend an open day and/or visit your chosen college.

  • For many Oxbridge courses you have to sit a specific written assessment in advance. The university web site will tell you this. Please speak to us about such assessments and we will help you make the necessary arrangements. The school is an approved centre for some of these tests.
  • If you need to submit examples of course work, then you should print off a copy of the requirements and present them to the relevant class teacher as soon as possible.
  • You must meet any deadlines.
  • Subjects like mathematics may require you to sit advanced papers such as STEP. While the school can register you and arrange for you to sit the exams which take place in the following June, we cannot provide teaching. You may need to arrange private tuition/support.

If at any time you are uncertain as to how to proceed, then you should speak to your referee immediately.