The partnership between home and school is widely recognised as being a key strength of the School. These pages provide parents with wide ranging information on how you can be involved in the life and work of the school, how you can be engaged in your child’s learning and how you can help to improve the school.

Jordanhill is unique in being a limited company, charity and cooperative run for and by its members (parents and staff).

Parents form the majority of the Board of Managers and your participation in and engagement with the Board is vital to the success of the school.

Visit the Board pages for further information.

The School Profile provides an overview of the school and its distinctive characteristics.

The opportunity to  engage in a wide range of social and community events helps to build relationships and is a key indicator of a school’s success. You  can read about the work and impact of the PTA here.

There is a myriad of opportunities to work with the school and in so doing gain a better understanding of how we work, what we are trying to achieve and how you can help improve the school.

Working as a volunteer 
This leaflet offers guidance to parents and others who support the work of the school as volunteers or in any other capacity.
Please note that all volunteers who have contact with pupils undergo a PVG check and participate in an induction briefing prior to commencing.

Parents as Partners

You can help shape the future by

  • Joining the Board or PTA
  • Working with us in a variety of capacities
  • Responding to our regular surveys of parental opinions
  • Responding to ad hoc surveys on issues of the day. Recent examples include the future of co-curricular activities, the introduction of the centenary tartan and school travel.
  • Accepting invitations to join focus groups. E.g. school aims and values, equalities and anti-bullying.
  • Coming to our Parents’ Conference and AGM
  • Attending open days and consultation events such as the S1 coffee morning.

You will find a wealth of information on our School Improvement page.

You can feed back to us through a variety of channels. We share a wide range of information through targeted e-mails, e-bulletins, the Journal, our app  and the web site. Click on the links below for further information

All policies of any significance are discussed and approved by the Board and have therefore been read and considered from a parental perspective.

Frequently, policies are discussed in parent focus groups in the review or development stage.

You can access school policies here.

Things I Need to Know

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