Parking Pledge

The roads around our school face congestion , especially at drop off and pick up times. This makes it dangerous for pupils and parents travelling to school on foot. In our most recent Hands Up Scotland Survey, 31% of Primary children indicated that they are driven to school on a daily basis. compared with only 8% of Secondary pupils.

Following on from their receipt of the Lord Provost Award with Distinction for their work on road safety, our pupils are launching the Jordanhill Parking Pledge to further protect our children. 

We are asking all parents and staff to complete and submit the pledge below. The car sticker below will be issued to everyone who wishes one. Thank you for your support.

The Pledge

  • Our family will only drive to school when necessary. At all other times we will travel by foot, bike or scooter.

  • Our family will always park sensibly and never on the “school keep clear” zigzag lines, on the traffic calming table/bumps, within 10m of a junction or on double yellow lines. We will not park with our engine idling.

  • Our family will always take care and keep within the limits when in the school zone.

  • Our family will always take care and look out for other pedestrians and cyclists.

  • Our family will always respect other residents in the community by not parking across driveways or on pavements which can cause access problems.

E.g. P1B, P6A, S1Mo, S4StJ