Remote Learning

All use of O365 is governed by our policy on ICT Acceptable Use & E-safety. This applies to parents also. Everything done in a Class Team is visible to the class teacher. Likewise all areas of O365 are visible to senior management and the IT team.

Every class P1-P7 and every subject class S1-S6 has its own Teams space in O365. It is a closed space for the class members and teachers . While we appreciate that parents may sit with younger pupils when they are in O365, they should not use it as a channel for communication with the teacher. On no account should parents communicate with another child.

If two pupils use the same computer then it is important that they log out of O365 or it will default to the account of the previous user unless closed. The same can happen with parent work accounts.

Also, if anyone ticks the box to remember their account and password, then Office 365 will default to that account whether it is a work account or your child’s account even if it has been closed. 

The best solution is for each user to have their own login to the computer. You can read how to do this for PCs here.

Please note that we cannot provide access to resources for a pupil in the “wrong” year. E.g. if a P6 pupil starts asking for access using the account of their P4 sibling.

Download the Office Lens app onto your smartphone, you can do this by clicking on the following link when using your phone or by searching for “Office Lens” in your app store. 

If you photograph your written work using Office Lens it will save straight to your One Drive.

When a teacher sends an assignment to a pupil, they will receive an alert in the Teams app.

By default, your upcoming assignments will display by order of due date under the Assigned arrow. Scroll up or down to browse the list. Assignments you haven’t opened yet will have a bold title. Late assignments will include a Past due warning.

Select an upcoming assignment to attach any work and turn it in.  To return to the list of your classes, select the title of your class again and choose another.

Assignment Terminology:

Not handed in

The due date for this assignment has passed and you can no longer hand it in.

Handed in            

You’ll see a time and date stamp of your most recent hand-in.


You’ll see a time and date stamp of when your teacher returned the assignment to you.

Hand in again

You’ll see this option when your teacher has returned an assignment to you but is still accepting submissions. This means you can submit any revisions your teacher has requested.

Undo hand in

Your teacher hasn’t returned your work yet and submissions are still open. Use this option if you forgot to include something or want to update your work before handing it in again.

Click on the My Assignments button on your home page.

Your upcoming assignments will show in order of when they’re due. Select any assignment to open it and view the assignment’s details.

Tip: Select the Expansion icon (diagonal, double sided arrow) to work in full-screen mode.

If your teacher specified a document for you to turn in or you have other files to attach to this assignment, select +Add work and upload your file.

Note: You can attach a file up to 50 Mb in size.

Select the Hand in button to turn in an assignment before its deadline. The button will change depending on the status – see options o previous tab.

Select the assignment from the “Assignments” tab in the relevant class team. Select the dropdown arrow to view your Completed assignments.

Assignments you’ve turned in will have a checkmark. Open one to view feedback and scores after your teacher has marked and returned it.

Pupils do not need to be in O365 to access and use Teams. Simply download the Teams app to their PC, tablet or phone. That way they will see and can respond to the automated alerts.

Click here to download to PC/tablet.
Pupils need their school e-mail address and password.

Mac users may find that, depending on the version installed, Safari browser is not fully compatible with O365. In this case, we recommend you update your browser to either Chrome or Firefox.

From Microsoft support site:

For mobile operating systems, we recommend that you run the Teams app, available from the Android and iOS stores. Running Teams in a mobile operating system is supported, but many features are unavailable.

Evaluation of our on-line learning: report is here.

Office 365 and queries.

Password reset requests should be made via the class teacher who will contact IT Support.


Pupils in P1-S6 access learning resources on Office 365 – click on the Jordanhill 365 link top right.

You can download up to 5 free copies of the Microsoft Office suite for home use. Pupils should also download the Teams app to their device.

Pupils can view Office 365 Getting Started by clicking on the Notebook on the Pupils home page in O365. (These links will only work if logged into O365.)

Assignments‘ (class work and homework) will often be set, submitted and marked (if appropriate) via Teams in O365. The sections opposite explain how this works.

Online Safety at Home