Rights Respecting Schools

Jordanhill School achieved the Rights Respecting School Silver Award in June 2016. Our School Charter created by the whole school community defines a set of values which are actively upheld by all. The school will be seeking the Gold Award in June 2018.  The Gold award is granted by Unicef UK to schools that have fully embedded children’s rights throughout the school in its policies, practice and ethos.

During the week beginning Monday 19 March 2018 every stage in primary and classes in secondary experienced lessons on child poverty through ‘The Jordanhill Big Lesson’. On Wednesday 21 March we hosted a highly successful cross-schools conference to share the work each primary and secondary school had been doing on their respective  Rights Respecting journeys.

On the final day, Friday 23 March, children and young people on the Rights Respecting School steering group led ‘Go for Gold’  fundraising for a local child poverty charity ‘With Kids Glasgow’, voted on by the children and young people in Jordanhill School, and for Unicef.  Proceeds of £675 were donated to each charity.  Representatives from Save the Children and The Red Cross were also in school during March and spoke to our  young people about the work they do locally, nationally and globally.  They were also given  donations from the funds raised.

As we aim towards the Gold Award in June 2018 the whole school community has been hearing about the work we have been doing with respect to rights based learning through our updated In Focus leaflet and the video below.  This  exemplifies the work we have being doing to promote:

  • Teaching and Learning ABOUT Rights
  • Teaching and Learning THROUGH Rights
  • Teaching and Learning FOR Rights

Unicef Rights Respecting School Award (RRSA) helps schools to use the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) as the values framework that enables this to be achieved. Click here to visit the Rights Respecting Schools’ Homepage.

The UNCRC enhances pupils’ understanding of the consequences of individual and group actions on the rights of others locally and globally. The articles of the Convention are based on the recognition of every child’s basic needs in order to thrive. Click here to see the articles. The UNCRC therefore sets out a child’s rights to:

  • Survive and have good health
  • Be protected from harm
  • Develop their talents and skills
  • Participate in the world to which they belong.

Pupils learn about the UNCRC, and the rights set out in it, in assemblies, from presentations from visiting speakers, at tutor time and in curricular areas.