S5-S6 Registration of Interest

Thank you for your interest in joining Jordanhill School in S5 or S6. Please complete and submit this form. We will contact you shortly after receipt.

E.g. 12 May 2002 – write the month in full to avoid confusion about the date format.
S4 equates to Year 11 in England. S5 equates to Year 12.
Name and location of current school
Please provide the name of a member of staff in your current school who can provide some insight into your progress at school. E.g. your Pastoral Care teacher or Head of Year.
Please list all of the subjects you are studying in your current school along with the qualification being taken. E.g. English National 5, Mathematics GCSE, History Higher.
Pupils applying to S5 MUST select 5 courses. Pupils applying to S6 should select a minimum of 4 courses. (3 if doing 3 Advanced Highers.) You cannot select the same subject at two different levels.
List any qualifications you have along with the Grade achieved . E.g. English National 5 B, Mathematics GCSE A, Chemistry National 5 C
Please note here any further relevant information.
Information on entry to S5-S6 can be found at http://www.jordanhill.glasgow.sch.uk/admission-to-s5s6/