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Cancellation Procedures

The PE staff notify parents and pupils of the cancellation of Saturday morning matches in the event of bad weather via the sports blog on the School website. This is normally done by 7am on Saturday morning.  

Planned cancellations of midweek training will also be posted on the blog wherever possible. However, there may be occasions where the cancellation decision is made at the last minute and it will not be possible to give prior notice. In the event of very poor weather we can provide some form of indoor training, but as this can involve up to 50 pupils in a small gym, there can be limited value to this. In these circumstances those pupils who can make suitable arrangements for going home may do so, and a coach will work with the remaining group indoors until the usual finish time. Pupils who need to make arrangements may phone home from the office or PE base. 

Please ensure that your son/daughter clearly understands your wishes in event of a last minute cancellation regarding whether they remain in school or come home early. Pupils will not be sent away early unless they confirm that they have alternative arrangements in place.  

Cancellations will only be made in extreme conditions when safety is compromised or where the weather conditions would negate the value of training outdoors.