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Scottish Schools Cross Country

Hopetoun House Estate, Queensferry, South Queensferry, EH30 9RW
Thursday 2nd March 2023
See the information below for the Scottish Cross Country event. This event for pupils who are involved in running outside of school or finish in the top 3 positions during our cross country race w/b 30th January.
If you are interested in competing at this event please message Mr McCall via chat with your name, year group, date of birth and which club you run for by Friday 3rd February. Thanks
1. Age Groups
Group A (Under 20) Born between 1/09/04 and 31/08/06
Group B (Under 17) Born between 1/09/06 and 31/08/08
Group C (Under 15) Born between 1/09/08 and 31/08/09
Group D (Under 14) Born on or after 1/09/09
This event is using chipped numbers. It is important that all entries are submitted in the correct age groups.
2. Events
Group D Girls 12:30pm 3000m
Group D Boys 12:50pm 3,000m
Group C Girls 1:10pm 4,000m
Group C Boys 1:30pm 4,000m
Group B Girls 1:50pm 4,000m
Group B Boys 2:10pm 5,000m
Group A Girls 2:30pm 4,000m
Group A Boys 2:50pm 6,000m
All distances are approximate
3. Entry Fees
Athlete entry fee is £8. The entry cost is an ENTRY FEE and must be paid for each athlete entered, whether they compete or not. No entries will be considered after the online entry system closes for an event.