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Almost all university applications in the UK are made online through ucas apply. Register here.

Deadline for early applications: 15 October (Dentistry, Medicine, Vet Medicine, Oxford and Cambridge) – see below Deadline for other applications: 15 January Ucas Booklet  (Read this first) Guide to UCAS apply This document provides guidance to Jordanhill School pupils on how to register with UCAS apply. Only pupils and former pupils of the school can register as linked to the school. Former Pupils registering should also contact the school to clarify their intentions. UCAS Parents Guide Personal Statement Guidance Advice on writing a personal statement for UCAS.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to
  • Research appropriate courses.
  • Understand the entry requirements for courses of interest including any additional tests or evidence to be completed or submitted.
  • Register, pay for and complete any additional tests by the due dates.
  • Complete all elements of their ucas application including payment by the dates set by the school and ucas. (Please note that school staff do not have access to and cannot edit a pupil’s application.)
  • Advise the school if you are applying through a different channel (e.g. CUKAS or overseas) and provide all information necessary for the school to support that application including sufficient notice.
The school will provide
  • Guidance on the process of registering with ucas apply and completing the application
  • Advice on completing your personal statement.
  • A referee who will support you through the process and write your reference. (You will be given an opportunity to read your reference and as necessary seek clarification of any key information such as predicted grades provided by your class teachers. You will be asked to sign it as confirmation that you have read it, not that you agree with it.)
Our Careers page contains a wide range of relevant links.

Early Applications

Deadline for early applications: 15 October 

early applicants guidance note 2019 It is the responsibility of applicants to understand fully the nature of any assessments to be undertaken as part of their application(s) and to register for these. E.g. UKCAT, LNAT, BMAT etc.

Most medical schools require applicants to undertake the UCAT or BMAT assessment. Many dental schools also require UKCAT.

Work placements within NHSGGC – apply online here. Placements are currently suspended due to COVID-19.

Oxford and Cambridge

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